SBD Bron was right

Sometimes those small romances hit just right. Bedded for Diamonds (and what a dumb title that is) was great ... for me anyway. I loved the way the dark dangerous secrets and life of the hero was more of a PITA for the heroine, not the pure aphrodisiac it so often is. She knew exactly what sort of difficulties she'd be facing. Because she seemed able to handle it and he seemed willing to change I can really imagine these two staying and growing together and what's more, I actually cared.

I wasn't convinced at the start. Things like the heroine's heavy-duty ditz factor bugged me. (Partly because I have an anti-astrology thing. Sorry, Linda.) But by the end I appreciated her as a likeable and competent person. The first time I saw the hero's sidekick, the cockatoo, I rolled my eyes but then I was charmed by the bird. Yeah, by the end, I loved 'em all. I especially appreciated the dark moment. Her response to her own injury was "so what? You take risks you get hurt" While he had a lovely male "get me out of here--this is too intense" reaction. Not quite realistic but a whole lot more real than the usual romancelandia stuff.

I sure did like this book. Thanks, Bron


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