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Jayelle wrote about sex slang yesterday. I wrote about it today.

In other news, it's still cold and rainy so I think I'll work on that historical based in England since we're currently operating under the right climate conditions. Then I can call the weather inspirational instead of depressing

oh. shit.

I just blogged about the weather. All is lost. Attention all Rats: abandon ship. This blog is going down for the third time, circling the drain . . .for now, at any rate.


  1. Weather can be very exciting. Like those times when the wind roars like a freight train and tries to peel the roof off. Nothing like Mother Nature losing it to make weather a riveting topic.

  2. yeah, but those are EVENTS! Real happenings with dire consequences such as Jim Cantore.

  3. It's just kind of sunny here - after three days of blustery rain, so I'm enjoying the weather for once.
    We had a weird heat wave last weekend - absolutely scorching muggy weather that flattened us - then the temperature plunged and we shivered under freezing rain. It's Friday, and the sun is peeping out again. I'm wondering what kind of teetertotter weather we're in store for next. (see, I love blathering about the weather, lol)

  4. Uncle Andrew i(n Mittens)11:37 AM

    Well its cold and gray here but it will burn off around 2 in the afternoon and be sunny and cool till 5 when the fog rolls back in. That's California summer for you! Please don't tell the tourists - if they knew what its really like here we'd be sunk.

  5. And yet, I still find you entertaining. Go figure! :)


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