SBD--grouchy version

actually it's the "Roll My Eyes at Three Famous Writers" version.

1. I picked up a 1992 Sandra Brown book--the first of hers I've read. Oh, heavens. It stank. The hero was abusive (not to mention entirely unprofessional), the heroine put up with his behavior which was enough to make her = loser. Brown's got be better now--a lot of her fans gave that book a HUH??? --so maybe I'll try again with another later book. I couldn't finish it, even though I'm mildly curious about the mystery plot..

2. I keep reading Brockmann books even though I don't want to. She's addictive like the cheesy puffs.

3. And then there is the latest Robert Parker book. During a huge nor'easter Susan and Spenser are trapped in a barn on a private island, right after a double homicide, waiting for the murderers' next move.....and they go into Talking About Their Relationship mode and about how wonderful Spenser and his strange set of morals are. I didn't throw it across the room but only because I was listening to it on an MP3 player. Why? Why?

Yes, I finished that book. I always read Spenser books. Why? Why? ... It's like eating wasabi. You know it'll burn but you see that green stuff and don't stop yourself.

It's not that I only hate famous people's books, I only mention them by name because they're successful and so I can pretend only their secretaries' secretaries do the google for their names. Otherwise I'd be all coy or use initials. I figure any midlist or below author probably don't need to find whining when they google their name.

In truth I'm hating everything I'm reading. If I were at all funny, I'd try for a mrs. giggles column. I'm that bitter about the books lately.

One last snarly-girl reader rant: what is it with the word boast in descriptions of a room or house? As in "the door boasted a stained glass window" or "the house boasts great views from every window."

The sort of language comes straight from all the damn articles I used to write from the real estate section of the old magazine. It shouldn't be seen in a book unless a smarmy real estate agent's talking. Oh God, I got exposed to so much of that straining for verbs, I break out into an instant hives when I see it--never mind that I wrote much of it. Just because people put the dangerous drugs into their own systems doesn't mean their bodies are going to accept it.


  1. Re: Brockmann. I used to have the same problem, but her last book seems to have cured the problem. Also have/had that problem with Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books, but the new one seems to have killed that too. I'm not sure I'm going to finish the book, let alone waste time (stopped wasting money a couple of books ago) on future books.

  2. Kate - One of Sandra Brown's books that you might enjoy from her backlist is "Mirror Image." The heroine has a brain and a career, the hero is macho but not a complete ass (well, he is, but for a decent reason...), and the book has a good bit of suspense.



  3. I was batting zero on books until I asked the folks at the blog what they thought I should read, and got some very decent recs. Sometimes it's good to step outside your reading comfort zone and try some new stuff.

  4. jmc, I'm still trying to quit the damn Brockmann thing. I'm about one SEAL away from saying no.

    And thanks for the idea Mitch. I'll try again. The book I loathed was Treasure Worth Seeking. Ew.It occurs to me that I actually did read another Brown book a while ago and it was worlds better--universes better.

    Lynn Thanks! I got a list from your place and also from Beth. We're getting cheap at Casa Kate so I probably have to hit the library first. People like me will drive people like us out of business.

    I've got Julie Korzenko's book to that should hold me.

  5. Why am I not liking the mindset you're in when picking up my book to read? Sheesh...talking about doomed to be hated.

  6. It vanished. I'd gotten a couple of chapters in and now I can't find it. I'm on the verge of ripping the house apart to find the damn thing. Or maybe BUYing a copy.


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