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I swore I wasn't going to write any more Jumping-on-Bandwagon books. I'd just go for what I wanted to write and figure out a way to sell it.

So how do we explain the m/m WIP currently on my computer? It's all someone else's fault, of course. And now I want to write that instead of the alleged book of my interest which is mired in plot-less mud. *Shaking fist.*

Speaking of books 'o the heart, I've discovered that every female of a certain age (over 35, say) has at least Breaking-Free-of-My-Life book inside her. I started mine a while back and it petered out even though Nan really likes it.

In these books the main character walks away from her kids and husband or maybe they walk away from her (War Between the Tates. Remember that one? Old, old,old)
I wonder what the male version of the Breaking Free book is. I'll bet it's more Walter Mitty-esque. Instead of a quiet break from his path, the main character's family gets blown up and so he then gets to blow things up.

Ann Tyler's Earthly Possessions or Ladder of Years vs. any given thriller.


  1. Anonymous1:52 PM

    No breaking free of my life book in me as my life broke free of me first - the traitor. My theory is everyone has one good book in them, but not all people are good writers so they watch T.V. instead.

  2. Ugh. It's just no fun to have something like your body's weaknesses call the shots.

  3. i'm too old and lazy to pass more than gas. edunno what i'd pass up or by in my life. i am disgustingly content.


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