who are you people?

Suddenly my blog visitor numbers have shot up. I have to assume it's because I was rude about religion. I'll settle into a dull routine and you all can drift back to your regular lives.

Before you go, how about an example of how appallingly self centered a writer can be...See below. Pain and suffering--a big so? hey! yay! I can write.

Last night I managed to get back into the rhythm of writing smoothly. Whole paragraphs instead of one word, pause, another few words, check email. etc. Here's my big writer's secret: an ER. I drove a neighbor there and hung out for a few hours.

It helped that
1. I wasn't truly concerned about the neighbor. She needed cough medicine and an inhaler.
2. The drive over woke me the hell up. The roads hadn't been plowed properly. Wheeee! Corners r fun.
3. hartford hospital didn't have internet I could connect to.
4. It did have a lot of people.
5. Including one lady who sat across from us and gave us the most evil eye I've seen since middle school. We might just have been in her line of vision or maybe she loathed us. I think the second. Having a computer screen to look at instead of her hate-filled eyes was good. My friend just coughed and dozed.

We waited three hours, which was pretty good, comparatively speaking. (Especially when you consider those roads. Accidents must have happened) I got more writing done than I had the whole of yesterday.

Too bad the ER is filled with security guards (and seriously, there are a lot. An army of 'em) and horrible germs and wickedly unhappy people--although they might be the secret to my success. I'm thinking it might be the place to get work done. Maybe a train station would work.

Anyway. In sort of related news.....

I'm thinking of writing a companion's guide to hospital ER wait areas.
Hartford 3 stars. No real decor, but the chairs aren't bad. There's only one TV. Plenty of wall dispensers with hand degermers so you can pretend you're not going to get flu even after everyone's coughed on you.
St. Francis. 2 stars. Decor's better (ie actually exists), but chairs are hard plastic. Ow. Endless wait on the 3 times I was a bystander (more than five hours.) even though we showed up at quiet time. You must hunt down foam machines.
Frederick Memorial Hospital in Maryland (based on old memories. But I did spend a lot of time there because of a job) 3.4 stars. Pleasant hospital staff. Bad chairs, but usually a less than 2 hours wait, particularly when you come in with a screaming psychotic. Foam machines not available--this was a while ago--but bathrooms surprisingly clean.


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I visited your blog, trying to procrastinate, and then browsed around a bit to catch up, so a few of those were me. If only I'd known I should've gone to the ER!

  2. Anonymous9:07 PM

    Too funny. I could write the Oakland version of The Companion's Guide to the ER. ha ha!

    my v-word was auterca. I love that. I think it should be a real word.

  3. Anonymous1:19 AM

    I was home from college visiting my ex girlfriend's sister, who was visiting her girlfriend, when her girlfriend's boyfriend drove up, parked in the middle of the street, opened the driver's side door and fell out, unconscious.

    I was pre-med enough to holler, "Call 911!" and check for pulse and respirations and thank God I didn't need to give this big ugly guy mouth-to-mouth. We ended up in LA County Hospital's ER for HOURS. Which, at the time, seemed like a novelty to me. Little did I know that I would spend a significant chunk of my life in that ER (or nearby, at any rate).

    The dude was drunk. I don't remember his blood alcohol, but I do remember the doc telling the girlfriend that it was close to lethal.

    my word verification is tarsion. I think it's the burning you get in your eyes when you're staring at the computer past 3 AM.


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