I completely forgot about SBD

and I've been reading up a storm. All those CVS books. Somehow Susan Grant's remark in my comments made the sack of books seem more like a treasure trove than a sad haul.

I dove right in and haven't come up for air yet. So far the only one I've abandoned forever is a Norah Hess. The original publication date on that one is 1978. Talk about rerererepublishing. Otherwise, the bag of purely escapist books been perfect for a long winter. And this is one loooooong winter.

Hello, more snow-on-the-way. Park your cold self on top of the icy sidewalks and the twelve foot high grimy ice/snow banks. Make yourself at home. I've got the space-heater, the sack o' books, tomato seeds on the way. I will survive.

Once the seeds get here, and time and I get to work, the house will smell like dirt and there'll be trays of tiny sprouts in old yogurt containers. Heaven, until someone knocks one over and I get The Look. It's an annual tradition.


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