I'm back

Whenever a Book in Six Weeks event starts up, my instinct is to find something new and related to writing to waste time. Cheers and Jeers and Twitter doesn't cut it when it's official WRITING time I'm avoiding. So I started another facebook event. This one is sort of a mojo/ links/ words for writers. I found a poem that I thought might work for a pal who has been rejected too many times lately (not me, for once. I'm just on ice everywhere and anyway, I'm used to The Rejection) Anyway. Yes. So. I decided Everyone should get a chance to read that sort of thing.

and that group goes along with the other facebook group I started when I had another self imposed deadline. The very quiet Promo Group For Introverted, Socially Inept, Badly Organized or Simply Modest Writers. (I started whinging about how no one ever spoke up, and a member said, yo, dude. Look at the name. Oh. Ah.)

I'm not on TV tonight so don't go up and down the local cable channels looking for my face. Too much coughing. She'll reschedule me.

The big event of going on television made me go get a haircut. Listen. This is a big deal event in my life. It's nice that Janice remembered me from the last time I got a haircut which was more than a year ago. Or maybe she is just polite? She put a reddish wash on there, too. Just to kick it up a bit.

Here's the new back of my head.

I love not getting my hair cut or Done often. Like I told Nan, it's like when you let your house get really filthybefore you clean. You feel so very different. It's a marvelous event instead of something sort of mundane. And if I'm more cheerful it's because I got to yammer at Nan. I love my sister. Go buy one of her pots because in a depression or resession, you might as well skip stocks and go for nice pots.


  1. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Thanks. A new picture for my screen saver. I miss your face.


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