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I owe people many things. Notes, phone calls, thank you letters, proofreading notes, critiques, money. I will get on that immediately, okay, maybe in about an hour: first I owe this dog another visit to the vet.

Cousinpalooza was a major hit--for me, anyway. The neph brought over the kind of person that if he breaks up with her? We'll all be srsly annoyed with him.

We ate lots of dead animal flesh and bread products.

And it is SBD so here's a standard SBD question: WTF is the appeal of hyper alpha males? Seriously. Feh. I've just listened to two books with men who didn't listen to other people before making their decisions, didn't pay attention to the woman unless they were in the mood. Otherwise they completely discount her opinion and intelligence and order her around like a servant. Dubya, who didn't really do the listening thing well, looks like a sensitive flower compared to those guys. The historicals I guess can get away with it because women weren't fully human so hey, why bother with her opinion?

Eventually some corner of his testosterone-soaked brain notices the heroine's good qualities and Yay! He finally treats her with some speck of respect. Oh boy! We're supposed to sigh with pleasure because he understands she's got some value beyond boff-itude and maybe now he'll be nicer to her? That's our big moment of pleasure? Again, I say Feh.

I've read some good books with the hyperalphadudes. Usually they were interesting characters but hell, no, not Ideal Mates. My favorite historical hero in that bumptious roaring alpha mold are the Judith Merkle Riley Vision of Light series--Hugo, the ultimate Alpha Male. His son, Gregory/Gilbert, gives him a run for his money. Holy moly, those books are fun.


  1. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Oh. Poor baby dog. Much love to that pooch. Cones are not fun. I forgot mine had hers on once and she went at a full trot for the dog door. I am a terrible Mom. Bad. baaaaad, Of course, I don't have children to practice on.

  2. Did you laugh a lot? Because that's the sign of a baaaaaaad mother.

    I laugh every time the dog tries to go under the table.


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