Tuesday tuesday tuesday

And today is TUESDAY. Not MONDAY. TUESDAY. This whole week is going to be like this, I just know it.

Boys are home and that doesn't help sense of not knowing wtf time it is or what day or. . ..

Speaking of being awake too early, I was up and about at 7:30 this morning, and saw five Mercedes Benz waiting at a light heading east. Each car contained a single middle-aged white guy. All 5 were going into Hartford. Rich people are still out there, still going to work. My guess is they'd come OTM, over the mountain, from the wilds of Avon, CT, which is where they house the richest people, not that West Hartford doesn't try for that particular crowd. We likes our wealthy people here in CT. Who doesn't? Tax payers! Fancy restaurants! Whole Foods!

It's funny to think that those sort of guys might be an endangered species. I bet we're done with the most profligate spending in this culture, at least in my life-time. Still not a lot of signs around here, but it'll show up eventually. Yessir, I bet the party's over, even if it's all taking its time to show up at the higher income levels.

Maybe I'm wrong and it'll all come back. That would be okay too. Those guys in the Mercedes are not the people I worry about, ever, which is probably another sign that I'm a big old snob. People who are tossed from a mansion are just as homeless as the ones evicted from an apartment in Hartford.

Hey, listen. Never mind that wandering in Generalizationtown nonsense. We're ready for Cousinpalooza! Bring on the cousins! Maybe they should come early so the boys will stop asking me when everyone is showing up.


  1. Haven't been online in ages, had to read a lot of old posts, and now...I can't remember what I was going to say. I do have a question, though - why was Ratcatcher free????

    Here's hoping that old farts in Mercedes aren't an indangered species...


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