Kate And Boy: Fashion Police

newly-16 is sick in bed. If he stirs, I say, "if you're well enough to ________, you can probably go to school" As a result, he's trapped like a rat and must put up with these conversations.

me (holding Lands End catalogue points to the orange version of these.): Okay, tell me that when you're in charge, you'll outlaw pants like these on anyone older than five.

(the paper version has a cute model) him: They look good on her. Let me see that again.

me: But going out in public? In those? Did you look at them?

him (still gaping at model): Hmm?

me: You'd seriously allow people like me to wear them in public?

him: Oh, wait. They're not pajamas bottoms?

me: No, they're regular sort of pants. Capris, even.

him: Oh, ugh. Yeah, okay. Over five, they'd be shot. Although maybe not her.

me: That's good enough for my vote, I guess. They're fine for five year olds. And maybe ironic punksters-- those pants plus hair dyed to match and Doc Martens or something.

Boy (upon reading this): I never said I wouldn't shoot that model if she wore those out in public. Pajamas, okay. But out in public, I would have to. I'd even shoot you if you went out in those.

me: What do you mean even me? Especially me.

Next up, a gardening catalog and maybe some talk about plants. Also I have a nice knitting pattern book we could discuss. When the boys stay home sick, they're made to suffer.


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Torturing the children...OH what fun! HAHAHA

    Be sure to show him pictures of spinach and lettuce. Can't wait to read the gardening discussion!

  2. Gardening, maybe. But are you sure the knitting patterns aren't covered in the Geneva Convention? :)


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