end of world put off for now

OH but listen! The CVS has books out again! Lots of them! It's okay! phew. All face out, all mass market paperbacks. Many, many lurid covers. Thank God.

I'm clutching one of the cheapie books (Colby Hodge) and ginger ale and listening to the boys thump and groan. That's good.

And if I'm counting blessings, let me add that I live in a town that has an intersection of Raymond Street and Burr Street. That's reason enough to move here.


  1. I was wondering if you guys were going to get Rockband, eventually.

  2. Raymond Burr?

  3. Yeah, Aya. It was only a matter of time.... and nagging on their part.

    Yes. I will take a picture of the intersection sign someday. When I'm human again.


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