1. Yesterday I spent the day fretting about the person (whom I won't out, because she said she's so very very very sorry she didn't know what plagiarism actually meant. Very sorry.) who took my book as her own. I was thinking, man, free books. Not worth the emotional hassle.

2. Then last night a local cable woman asked me to be on her show to talk about my books. Here's part of the note she sent me.

Kate, THANKS for agreeing to be on Page 1 [the name of the show here in CT. Know it? If I'm alive I'll be there Tuesday]...I look forward to meeting you in person so I can gush appropriately over THE RAT CATCHER. I saw the link..... and figured I’d take a quick look. I was hooked immediately. I would have read to the end right then and there but I was working on a project for the Bushnell and had to finish it – which I did late last night. I can’t wait to get back to the story…

So there you have it.

3. And you should thank me because I HAD called this post "you take the good, you take the bad" and then realized I wedged the song "Facts of Life" into the center of my aching head where it wasn't helping matters But I didn't write that, so you won't have it stuck in yours. You're welcome.

4. I never saw a single episode of "Facts of Life" but have seen the episode of Scrubs where they sing it often enough that I know the damn theme song.

5. Yes, that is self-pity you see. I still feel like guano. I'm going back to sleep.


  1. Sorry you still feel cruddy, Kate. I started downing OJ, aspirin, vitamin C and echinacea in frightening quantities and slept a lot of Friday. That helped. Hope you're better tomorrow!

  2. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Feel better jerk.

  3. thanks you guys.

    . . . and happy almost birthday you lil twit.


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