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So I'm reading a book set in a clever world and containing an interesting bunch of support characters. Thing is, the book is in first person and the heroine is not nearly as smart as her world--or anyone else in it.

How can that happen? How can the author who was intelligent enough to come up with a whole bunch of cool systems and personalities not give her main character the common sense of a mosquito? Mosquitoes have an excuse. I could understand if she came equipped with a mosquito's need to feed. (Now THERE'S some shapeshifting no one has explored) but she just acts out impulse and rage and the Desire to Prove Herself. Even early Stephanie Plum looks like a genius compared to this one.

My theory is the world inspired the author and she spent more time playing with that then her character's motivation.

The pluses outweigh the minuses. I just bought the second book and I'm giving her another chance. At least there's some funny stuff in there. And maybe she'll have spent enough time with the character to see that she's an inconsistent twit. The main character must have something because everyone in the book seems to like her, even the bad guy, and they all seem to have brains. It's like having someone you respect tell you how terrifically intelligent their new friend is and let's all meet for dinner .... and then JoAnn Worley character from Laugh In shows up. (My kid was in Laugh In last summer. That's why I'm referencing a show that's more than 40 years old.)

Speaking of Ditz-brains, it's probably time to remind myself again that it's MONDAY. not Sunday. MONDAY.


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