Voters, get your free ice cream on Tuesday. I expect the line at Ben and Jerry's will be even longer than the one at the voting precinct.

Our trick-or-treater was determined to be Sarah Palin but didn't want a paper mask. And there were no SP masks available. Anywhere. None. Nope. Every place we looked had at least a couple of Hillary masks and we did find some Mitt Romney and a Bill Clinton. But no Sarahs anywhere.

Yet we didn't see a single Sarah come to our door and we had about a gazillion people show up. Okay, maybe only a few thousand. My theory is someone is hoarding those damned masks.

He settled on being an igor instead. The sideview with the pillow/hump makes him look like a depressive.

I'm not off to a great nanowrimo start. How about you?


  1. That costume is amazing. Also, I seem to have not just the Ding-Dong song but Gunther's entire album here on my computer. I think it was a gift from my last boyfriend. Would your evil son like the whole thing? I don't know if having 10 songs instead of just one would make your life worse or better.

  2. He's adorable! No - scary, super scary. Shakin' in my boots just looking at him (sweet!).

    I missed all of Saturday for NanoWriMo and started yesterday. I've got 3300ish so far. I joined a Twitter/Flickr group of Nanos and the competition is rife - I don't recommend it. I think the guy saying he's done 13K has no life.

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    That is funny. What a fun idea. He looks great.

  4. Actually, I think he makes a great Sarah Palin just like that.


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