SBD what to read in the doctor's office

Okay, I have a novel put into PDF now I just need to load it onto websites and blogs from my computer. Any suggestions?

Today: I'm sitting with my Kindle reading some smut and I realize the woman in the chair next to me is practically breathing down my neck trying to read along. The whole point of bringing a Kindle was because I can make the font bigger so I can leave the glasses at home (which I do by accident anyway. Still not used to dragging the damn things everywhere).

I either need some way to scramble the screen or a more acceptable book. It got me thinking what you should read in which sort of office. I was in a GI Dr.'s office and it seems to me Jacque Pepin's autobiography [h/t Lyvvvvvie] or any cook book is perfect there. I'd have to save the smut for the OB/GYN. Oncologist? Well, I'd say Mary Roach, but that's just rude and uncalled for on my part. Okay, fantasy works for any doctor's office. Seriously.

EDITED TO ADD: Definition of SBD - Smart Bitches Day. For further explanation, click this sentence. Is that you, Leslie?

Uh oh. The spotlight is shining on the moon; the wolves are baying; the phone just rang. It's time to get a boy.


  1. LOL! Well never know, maybe you started a trend with her and she ran out and bought one herself :D

  2. Do you just need an easy program to put it into a PDF?

    I use PrimoPDF (it's a free download) and after you install it, you just go to your word processor and "print" it -- you just select PrimoPDF as your printer. You can put passwords on it, make it printable, allow users to copy/paste or not, and so on.

    I've used it for all of my ARCs without a problem.

  3. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Hey, I've been wondering. What does SBD stand for? I always think of "silent but deadly" - but I know that can't be it.

  4. Anonymous11:49 PM

    No Kate, that's not me. I don't have to ask, I already knew that SBD stands for Silent But Deadly.

    But the second definition is interesting.

    But really, not me. I like to identify my anonymous posts with kisses and hugs.

    Hope you're good.


  5. Whenever I'm the Dr's office there's nothing but two year old Cosmopolitan and National Geographic, so one way or the other someone's going to see boobs.

    Perhaps I should create a Bento picture book and leave it in the waiting room and see if my web hits increase.

    I may have to get a kindle. I keep forgetting my glasses too.


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