Thanks Meljean

I think I got this right. Anyone want to read a free novel? Try this. Here's the deal: If you do download it, let me know. Email That's the payment--telling me you took it because I want to see if anyone does.

No, there's no cover. I figure I could put one on eventually and I won't use posers. Maybe a tasteful city-scape.


  1. Kate, does it have rat's in the book? I'm a wimp with those in books, LOL. Let me know. Cuz I love reading your historicals!

  2. Not a single rat, Caffey. Not even a mouse. There is a small ugly dog.

    It's a sucky title, but I suck at titles.

  3. Thanks! I'm about halfway through and enjoying very much. You know I'm a sucker for this time period. I love the Industrial Revolution and how it's still olden days but on the cusp of modern times. Very intriguing period.

    And an intriguing coulple in your story. Again, you know I adore class difference issues for story couples.


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