So I played with the FREE STORY and cleaned it up (again) but now I can't get the pesky online server to work so I can't upload it. If you send me your email address, I'll send a version that has some typos corrected. I loathe typos. Sorry. Also I used actual italics instead of underlining in the new version. Lots of italics as it turns out.

UPDATED: Yay! New copy loaded. If you see mistakes do let me know. And yes, the title stinks and yes, the cover isn't appropriate for a fluffity romance but I don't think those count as actual mistakes, dude.

Now I'll go do writing that actually makes me some monies. No, first I'll go make the pies and brussel sprouts.

ANOTHER, WHINIER UPDATE: My great experiment didn't work. I can't keep track of downloads and emails--the counter died at about ten, and I know at least fifty people have gotten the book. That means it's okay to just send a PDF file to a pal and skip the "go to download" portion of the directions. Still, I want to get an email saying dude, I loaded your book just because I do.


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