okay I'm less impressed

1. The two paragraph description I wrote isn't up on the product page. now it is. Man, I could have used Monica Burns's help with that thing.
2. The formatting in the book is occasionally wonky (NOT my fault)
3. When I downloaded a sample onto my Kindle (yes, I have one) I got the whole book. It's supposed to just grab the first 10 percent, and it seems to put an extra 0 on the amt grabbed.

But still. Aside from that. It's cool.

Although one could argue it's sort of sad that I've spent so much time messing around with a book that will earn me zippo dollars. I'm also messing around with a jigsaw puzzle, and that's even more futile in the great scheme of things.

Naw, I'm not arguing either of those.

I'm going to go to bed and recover from the wild day-long brunch. The dang puzzle is still lurking downstairs, only 1/3 done. I hate those things. No wonder we only do them once a year. Except, yes, yes, there's something nice about only doing it on Thanksgiving. It fuels the festive feeling when we dump the pieces out. It's officially a special occasion! (Putting little frustrating bits of cardboard together. Sign me up!)


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    The x@@#!$$%^&*($%^!! jigsaw puzzle. That makes me miss you most of all scarecrow.


  2. I freaking DREAMED about the freaking jigsaw puzzle.
    xxoo to you, too

  3. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I used to steal one piece from the puzzle. That way, I could be the person who got to put the last piece into the puzzle.

  4. If the puzzle is still around the next time I visit, I will help you.


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