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well, um, yeah. Another group blog. But this one will only for That Summer Person. It's time she got her own gig with no politics, no silliness, no boys. It's all about her writing. We'll see how long that lasts. Good thing Summer isn't a very interesting person so her books will have to be featured. I mostly joined because I'd love to have my name associated with Bonnie Dee who will be big any day now, yessirreebob. And now I have to go buy books by those other people. First I have to finish the Marie Treanor who is also an autobuy these days. So far, no let downs from her.

Oh and did I mention my three new autobuy authors? Vivien Dean, Pepper Espinoza and Jamie Craig (Jamie's the first two combined). I'm kind of sick of m/m which they sometimes feature (truthfully I'm kind of sick of romance) but their writing is fun. I found all three while judging and now I love them like I love cake, which is quite a bit. Even more than ice cream. OH and damn! I have to read Carrie Lofty's book too! Hey! yeah!

In the meantime I'm GOING TO RUN THE CONTEST UNTIL SUNDAY! Seriously, enter it. I'm getting impatient with all you non-starters WHO WILL NEVER EVER WIN SOCKS----yes, genuine Bosnian socks!--unless you enter. Go for it.

If boy2 wins, he gets almost anything other than sox. Judging will be done by someone who's impartial, so isn't me.


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