Usually this happens with weather. "Warm enough for ya?"

Today's issue? Just guess. No really, go ahead. It won't be hard.
First person asks me.
My response: Yeah! Sure did! I voted. YAY!
Second online nagging
me: Yes! I did it.
Third nudge: Okay, yes. I did.
Fourth: Yeah.
Fifth: [shrug]
Sixth: It's not really your business.
Seventh: Fuck off.

Ready to be done. Ready to think about something, anything, other than this election. I didn't even get a sticker so I can't get my coffee or ice cream. Although now it looks like Starbucks is in trouble with that. Go on, all you slackers. You can get your free coffee too.


  1. I'm so freaking sick of election stuff that I've completely quit listening to the radio, haven't watched network TV in over a month, and I've even deleted a couple of Twitter contacts that can't seem to talk about anything but politics.

    Enough already.

    So yeah, response #7 seems appropriate at this point.

  2. So, uh, did you vote today?

  3. Thank you. I feel less alone with my insane crabbiness, which has resulted in me snapping at at least two people already this morning.

  4. JenB and Bree: Grr! GRRR! GRRRRRR!

    elsewhere: heck, yeah!Sure did! I voted! Yay!

  5. Someone texted me to vote, today. I don't know which number it was.

    (I send in an absentee ballot)

  6. Yes I voted, I'm proud of it, I voted Obama, and today I'm wearing a HUGE grin.

  7. I didn't get no stinkin' sticker. My husband did though. He was going to ask for about five extra and plaster them all over his shirt then tell his co-workers that he had just a few more stops to make to collect some more. Hilarious voting humor.

  8. Ok, he's president. Now I'm worried about where I left my cell phone.

    OMG! My v-word is snakeyso
    REALLY! What does that mean?

  9. After about the fifty-seventh Twitter/ blog post/ other reminder I started wanting to shout that hello, I couldn't vote, what with being ENGLISH.
    Which would have been disagreeable--after all, I assume the reminders weren't actually aimed at me.


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