bleeding hell.

I was trying to add Bettie and others but now my links are gone and my headline is gone. I hate html. If the whole blog disappears...I'll miss you guys.


  1. Thanks for the thought!

    I've had a much easier time of it since I switched to "New Blogger". Those widgets make little changes to the template so much easier.

  2. Does that mean I get a blogroll link?? Pwweeeese?

  3. Miss us? Really? We aren't like the unexpected company or the neighbor who never leaves after one cup of coffee? Wow!

  4. YES, I'd miss you, a lot.

    And I think I did get the little links right. Let me know if you wish to have a different title. ("Queen of the Universe")

  5. You can't miss me. I have your email address.

    Can't get away from me that easily, o woman who once proclaimed she wanted to have my babies.

    (and you thought I would eventually forget . . . )

  6. Ok, see ya in the next life - which doesn't have HTML

  7. This IS the other side. It's minus the special page stuff that Bec designed for me, bu it's plus the cute widget / easy to use stuff.

    Welcome to heaven. Hell and/or purgatory was yesterday when I was trying to find all the stuff I'd lost--without success.

  8. I swear it's going around!


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