give Liz, Marianne a break...but give me one, too.

Now I'm in for it. The axe is going the other way, old biddy! eeeiiiiiieeee I'm doomed because I am old and horrible! My opinions are worth shit because I don't know readers! Why am I so stupid that I get so worked up about a pair of tights? Why do I feel I have the right to put my horrible interpretation on the costumes? WHY did god let me be born so terribly conservative I shouldn't be allowed to live (Okay that last? Sheer exaggeration.)

My main whine: Why do I get Teh Hate like Marianne and Liz and not the sales like Marianne and Liz?

Yah well, everyone gets worked up and now everything I ever wrote about this will haunt me until I'm dead, dead, dead rotting in the grave or I turn off the computer for a couple of days. From now until Monday, I'll only open emails from Emily or Debs.

(UPDATE: Don't send me any emails unless you've actually read what I've written on the subject -- and not what someone else has apparently written about me. Did you get my name from that line Gail K wrote at SBTB? Because if it was, Gail K....You so owe me a drink. Two drinks, woman. Top shelf with little umbrellas in them. If it wasn't Gail K then never mind. GK and I will split the costs of the drinks.)

Seriously though, if you're still following it at all, the comment on SBTB from Chris Keesler has an especially good last line. I think that makes the whole thing worth it even though for god's sake, it's too damn much. Please stop. I don't want to hear how I'm a throwback and a loozer. My kids tell me that often enough, thank you.

See you on Monday, maybe, if I don't fall over dead from virtual vitriol.

UPDATE TWO: Oh. Dr. Computer Boy's figured out that it's just one person. Amazing what one person can do with a couple of email addresses. Heck, amazing what she can do with just one.


  1. I'm already over my snit, btw. I met my neighbor coming home from work as an EMT and she talked about her shift. Oh, right. A little perspective is good.

    Still, I think I ate too much dip at this online party (or heard from too many dips?) and need to go lie down for a while. Bye.

  2. I feel awful for everyone who feels awful, if I agree with them or not. I'm more than happy to share my tropical falvored Tums with anyone interested.

  3. thanks, but I need the whole bottle.

    Tropical flavored? Eeewwwwww.

  4. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Maybe everyone will think twice next time before they make remarks about another writer.

  5. Good Lord I wasn't even going to comment I was just being nosy when I say that last comment from anonymous. These are opinions for crying out loud. We all have them.

  6. Yeah, yeah Anon. Priss pot on out the door and don't let it hit ya on the ass when you leave.

  7. tracy macnish11:07 AM

    "Maybe everyone will think twice next time before they make remarks about another writer."

    Kate - you don't think the dead horse's head is in your bed, do you?

  8. azteclady11:53 AM

    Been thinking about this...

    A while back somewhere in romanceblogland (can't remember... Access Romance? Romancing the blog?) there was a discussion that, for me, boiled down to: should romance authors "behave professionally" by never ever ever saying anything negative about another author's work, or should romance authors as readers be as critical of any individual book as they would of a book of another genre?

    I'm lucky that all I am and aspire to be is a reader, because there's no way I could keep my opinion--good, bad, mixed--of a book to myself *shrug*

    But as an outsider, the "be nice in public but shoot daggers at each other behind your back" and "if you can't be nice, don't say anything" image of so many romance writers is off putting, to say the least.

    Adults should be allowed to be honest with each other about their opinions. Plus, really, how hard is it to get that reviewing/critiquing a book does not equal reviewing/critiquing its author?

  9. Have you been bad? A gal misses a lousy few months of reading blogs and comes back to all this suggestiveness *sigh* which means NOW I have to search through for the controversy that started it all. *g*

    Behave yourself, at least until I find those posts and catch up.


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