I think the discussion is fun

Considering how much people have at stake (money and careers and whatnot) the whole discussion around the blogs is pretty civil.

Of course I did make the mistake over at SBTB of assuming that Marianne and Liz were talking about me when they accused someone of accusing THEM .....and naturally, after deploring how people get defensive, I got defensive.

Of course I'd missed the earlier comment someone else made that really did accuse them of being deliberately provocative. Oh, whoops.

Sorry, M and L. Although the buzz? It's good to have so much of the buzz. There has to be a better word for that, though. Something internetish. Sara Dennis can make one up.



UPDATED: It took me a while to figure out that cosplay really is part of this culture now and that the kind of costumes M and L are wearing are basically mainstream. They're going to occasionally get responses like mine and even stronger responses, like Deb Smith's over at SBTB, but we're not their audience, so that's fine. Good even, because there's nothing better than the gasps of old biddies to make M and L's real audience appreciate them even more.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I take it back. I've looked at some of the Shomi stuff now? (I got some in a promo packet) and I am too their audience. I love it. Oh no. Crap, another TBR pile.


  1. I'm on word duty again?

    At the moment, I'm leaning toward N'type. You know, like N'sync? Only N'type, when pronounced, sounds like net-hype. Neh-type.


    Okay, maybe no.

    *back to the drawing board*


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