yooo hooo, oopsie daisy

Did you know you won the pimping the contest part of my contest?

It was a while ago--I think you were on vacation.

So writers and others, tell me: When you run a contest how much trouble do you go through to track down the winners?

I have to admit that a couple of winners never notified me after I notified them, and I let it drop. I suppose if they ever contact me and demand I hand over the loot, I'll give them what they won. Even the woman who won a copy of Somebody Wonderful when the book came out. Practically an antique by now.


  1. I'm planning on 5 days. I've seen anywhere from 3 days to a week--and for monthly newsletters, until the next one comes out.

  2. I always give a deadline that the winner has to get back to me or I say it will be redrawn.

    Since the point of a blog contest is to bring people to your blog - if they're not coming back to check if they won, then they're not coming back to read posts, so someone who does come back deserves to win.

    Hopefully that made sense - I'm not full of caffeine yet.


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