kind of like oscar the cat

The dog knows we're going away though we haven't begun to pack. Heck, I'm not even thinking about packing.

She follows me everywhere, which is normal, but now she tries to get into the bathroom when I'm in there and when I pick up my bag, she whines and runs to block the door. Those are not normal activities or she'd be living somewhere else. **

Speaking of Oscar, here's a picture I stole borrowed from a blog named sue

**this is such a lie. My dog and I are an Item.


  1. My theory: Oscar is draping himself over the patient's mouth and nostrils. Cuddly and effective.

    As for dogs & inopportune places, I remember being more than a little bothered by my dog watching my old gf and me. Too much whining. I threw the dog out and that improved things a good 50%.

    When did your blog change format? Or is it just me?


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