okay look, if you owe me an email--and you know who you are--send it along or I will sulk. I mean it. I'm not planning a tiny snit, either. I'm talking heavy duty sulking with so many passive aggression overtones, even the dog will notice the sighs and snorts.

I'm off to eat the chocolate goop I made yesterday. (Heavy cream, egg yolks, bittersweet chocolate. Heated until perfect) The mousse-y goop is going to instantly add four pounds to my body and it's all your fault. Hope you can live with yourself.


  1. Email - smee mail. I have sent out so many emails in the last two weeks that people are ignoring. I think I am invisible. It is the summer of email invisibility. I finally sent a follow up one that just said "YOOO HOOO" in the subject line.

  2. Oh, that dessert sounds heavenly.
    I'm starving.
    But I'm trynig to fit into a new bathing suit. I bought it one size too small, and my stubborn pride said, "Don't exchange it - diet to fit into it!"
    Stubborn pride will be the death of me yet.
    So how is your summer going, besides waiting for e-mails?

  3. exactly CD. I just wrote one with "What am I, chopped liver?" on the subject line. Still haven't gotten any back.

    My summer is, meh, Sam. How's yours? OOOooo I can go over and find out at your blog, can't I.


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