everyone's off at RWA

and I'm left behind with a bunch of story and novel starts that are just a little off. Not quite there yet. Probably, due to some plotting issues, will never be there. No point in finishing any of them, even the one that's 50K.

I think I'll go stare at some peeling paint (there's a lot in the bathroom) and feel sorry for myself.

oh, and it's too damned hot.


  1. Back when I was flirting with the idea of going to RWA, I talked myself out of it because of: vacation time; money; irritation with RWA as an organization; etc. Except now I'm envious of everyone who's there. Not because I'm all that interested in a lot of what's scheduled, but because I would so love to meet in person all the bloggers I've met online.

  2. I mentioned you in my RTB column today, Miskate, though somewhat obliquely. You'll recognize yourself. *ggg*

    I have peeling paint, too. I get yelled at when I pick at with my fingernail.

  3. shannon, I know! I saw myself and felt terrible about ruining your life. But when I tried to comment, your blog and RTB both ignored me. See? You can learn from the bloggods. Ignore the woman in the corner!

  4. I admit I'm curious about RWA and this convention thingy. Only, Dallas. In July. If the heat doesn't get you, the glacial air-conditioning will.

    Here's a question: At other conventions I've been to and/or crashed, sponsors and vendors had "booth babes"--scantily-clad, generically pretty, youngish female people who know nothing about the product and were hired solely to draw the attention of the mostly male attendees. Since RWA is mostly female, is there any chance there are booth boys? 'Cause that might make me rethink my position on crushing heat and arctic air conditioning.

  5. No boy toys at RWA. They're all over RT, or so I hear.

    RWA is more business--although I don't remember the workshops as well as I do hanging out with friends. I had a wonderful time playing in Dallas.

  6. 50K and you are going to pitch it? Oh the pain! Surely there must be some saving grace for them.

    I am good at preaching but not so good at following my own advice, because I have about 5 of them myself laying around in various stages of desparation. They too will never be completed because frankly, they suck.

    Now the one I've been workign on for the last month.... I am living, eating, breathing and sleeping it. I am obsessed! This one will get completed or I am turning in my pen.

    Peeling paint is almost as fun as peeling old sunburn skin.

  7. I'm sulking too. Big time. I feel like I'm missing a party with all the cool kids.

  8. I've ditched a book at the halfway point. I could fix it and finish it, but I've learned my lesson on that. Sometimes it's really not worth it. (I used to think you earned brownie points in heaven for finishing everything you started, but I've been cured of this delusion.) Sometimes you really are better off starting something new!

    Have some ice cream and lay in front of a fan, much better than sulking with peeling paint.


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