Thursday Thirteen--things I like about Vermont

Even I'm tired of talk, talk, talk and I'm addicted to that stuff. But I want a black swan hat. I won't wear it, I promise.

I figure if I whined about having to go to Vermont last week, I should talk about what was cool this week.

1. Rain storms meandering over a field. Always fun to watch, even if you know you left the umbrella 300 miles away.

2. All the stereotypes fit: white churches, cows, green rolling hills. All there. Cows! Across the street! We took pictures.

3. Noticing how little the state has changed in 10 years (last visit) except the rest stop was cleaner.

4. Country stores have lots of Ben and Jerry's. Sure it's for the tourists, but who wants to complain about ice cream?

5. Exchanging Unitarian jokes with the Unitarians set up and giving away sandwiches (for donations) at the Tourism Center.
Can you imagine? a minister (or whatever the clergy are) didn't know the "what happens when you annoy a Unitarian?"/"He'll burn a question mark on your lawn" joke

6. Finding Kant, Marx, Terry Pratchett, and "Diary of A Provincial Lady" at a booksale.

7. Mmmm. Blackberries outside the cottage.

8. Hey, where are the mosquitoes? Last time, there were swarms of them. Not this time.

9. Family! Scathes of mine were in Vermont. Flocks of family. At least 20 members squawking and carrying on. I like my brothers and sisters and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews etc. If there's horrible tension in the air among any of the members, I don't notice.

10. All the stores carry wine and beer and it's cheap, comparatively speaking.

11. "Take Back Vermont" from what? Who's got it? What are their plans for it? Discuss for at least 20 miles. **

12. Hippies! Yay! Hippies are still there. Thank goodness. Do we still call them hippies? That word seems more than quaint. Discuss for about five miles.

13. Feeling so relaxed about getting home again (because no matter how nice the place is, "relaxation, trip, vacation, Kate" aren't words that go together) I don't give a shit about parallel construction on any of my blog entries. Want carefully crafted writing? Pay me. Hardy har har. Visit Vermont and see how little the cows care about parallel construction or any writing, for that matter.


**update: I got curious and looked it up. Teh gays took it! They took Vermont! And they have evil plans to keep it for ummm their own purposes! Apparently, according to the link, there's an ice cream conspiracy, too. Vermont's had enough with the gays trying to steal rights from, uh, the rest of us, I guess, so Vermont wants it back. And Vermont's apparently tired of the cutesy names on the ice cream and they want to take that all back, too. And probably hide it or something! All I have to say is don't blame the hippies or the gays if Vermont gets fat from taking back all the Cherry Garcia. Vermont shouldn't have eaten the whole of it at once.

You have to feel sort of sorry for the guy who wrote the article (in 2000) predicting that Take Back Vermont conservatives would prevail because people hate the idea of Civil Unions and those leftists wouldn't know what hit them. Isn't VT the only state that's voted for impeachment?


  1. I have Mr. Linky. Come visit!

  2. Those mischievous gays, what State will they go after next -- Utah?

    :) I'd love to see it.

  3. carrie, I don't get the linky thing. It's too techno.

    And duh, after VT, the gays went for MA. Now they're HERE IN CT! EEeeiiiiiiieeee. Take Back Connecticut! Quickly! before it's too late and the gays infect my children!


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