another Summer book

LOOK! It's up so I can point to it. Heck, I think I'll lift the cover and put it here. Pretty cool, eh?

It'll be out in September in an ebook. I haven't gotten my edits on it yet and now I'm nervous. The Infamously Evil Angie's the editor on this one. Maybe all the partying at RWA will make her mellow.

Of course now there's a lot of hyperventilating going on about the latest shifts in RWA's publisher recognition, so who knows what Dallas is like. Wait, I do. It's hot and humid.


  1. I'm not stalking you, really. Google Reader gave me this good news, so I had to hop on over and get a gander at the cover. Purty.

  2. Gorgeous cover, but where's the blurb? I want to know more.

    If you look a little farther down in the Coming Soon, you'll see I have a historical coming out Sept. 25. Big month for us.

  3. OOOH. PRETTY! Yeah, I'm with Bonnie. Where's el Blurb?

  4. Bettie, you feel free to stalk my blog any time you want! I'm always creeping around yours, waiting for more posts.

    yay, another bonnie dee. This is a big year for Dee Releases. excellent.

    carrie--no official blurb yet. I have BWD (blurb writing disability) so I'm hoping the brand new Samhain expert will take pity on the thing I wrote and make it Sexxxier. Or better or something.


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