Happy Emily Litella Day!

That has to be it. Someone forgot to notify me to be on the alert for EL moments. Damn them!

Question: how many times in one day can a woman mouth off on the internet and then figure out she got her facts wrong? Or didn't read that which she mouthed off about well enough?
Answer: many more times than you'd think. At least three, which makes three feet jammed into my mouth. Next time I won't revisit the scenes. I'd rather not know I'm a fool, thank you.

I don't lose sleep over my fucktardiness moments at least. Used to be I'd wake up at 2 am and remember something that happened ten years earlier and get embarrassed all over again. Hot nauseating embarrassment or guilt. Talk about a useless exercise. I'm having a major ELD today and I won't do gerbil wheel brain about it. No, I'll rant out in public instead.

Fine. Okay. Now that I'm through bashing my head against the wall, the immediate end of pain will be good. Boy three and I (poor lad also has that self-loathing gene tripped in his make-up) will go to Sears and buy a stand for our new hammock! yay!


  1. > that self-loathing gene

    Raises hand. I've got that one, and my mom does too. Sometimes I find myself regretting things I did/said when I was 12 that nobody else remembers but me.

    The Internet is bad because comments have a tendency to stick around for-frickin-ever. My dumbest, most ignorant, inane utterances are a mere google search away from anyone who wants to know. But, OTH, so are everyone else's.


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