Thursdayness and a touch o' politics

Maybe I'll do 13 later.

I'm being besieged by boys and dogs and hiding isn't working today.
It's all because my dog has an overactive anal gland. Whoowee, now that's a cause for lots of turmoil and the need for mom to get over here and smell this eeeewwwwww ....

Have you seen Olberman's response to the non-pardon of Libby? The man's articulate when he gets all self-righteous. Honestly though, he's a dreamer to think the commutation of Libby's sentence is going to matter to most people. If the draft is reinstated or if gas prices go up again--then we'll see some major public outrage.

Speaking of high horses, I wrote a long rant, posted it at a political site and it got deleted. I have no idea why it's gone...Guess the author (Lanny Davis) isn't fond of bloggers mouthing off. I wasn't mean or anything, though I did say that Tony Snow has to lie for a living. (And what a horrible job Snow has.)

Hey, there's a thing to embed videos in blogs. Maybe I'll try that.

did it work??? IT DID!

Oh boy! A whole new world has opened up for me. A world that will allow me to lose the few readers I have because who has time for this video shit?


  1. I watched a part of the rant earlier today. I was outraged when I heard (on the radio) about Libby's pardon. It reeks...but the few people I've mentioned it to look at me blankly. So I guess you're right. Nobody really cares much about it.


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