I really did think that was mostly a good time. If only we'd all been in a bar, would have been better. But boy howdy, the swan is dead by now. And in the end, in just about every world I currently occupy, I loved the swan. Unfortunately, I'm not alone in the world and so ....the swan should go. Costumes don't work.

Right. Enough.

Swan or horse = dead.

It's my day to post over at Passionate Prose. More of the usual

Whatever you do, don't skip the contest Sara's holding. Here's your chance to touch the future. "Ginormous" is in the dictionary now, perhaps whatever word you pick or invent will show up in future reference books. And you get a chance to win a prize.

Oh that reference book thing reminds me--my friend Flo Fitzpatrick found that one of her characters' names, Tempe Walsh, ended up in a baby naming book, with a note about its source (Flo). How cool is it to imagine that a child some day will ask her mama, how'd you pick that name?

And maybe she--mom or kid--will have to track down Flo's book. Very future sales, Flo!


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