When do you post anon?

Do you post anon? Why?

This is kind of funny. I got a comment on this ancient post about the gay romance bloffle--kerfuffle, too, since it was also was in print. (Oh, look at the date! Apparently I have to be controversial once a year.)

So here's the note:
Yes, I'm posting Anon. Coward? Yes.

The entire issue is just too hot, and it involves way too much politics and religion for my taste. However, as I see it (in my very simplified manner) there is a huge difference in the following two statements.

1) I prefer not to live on the same street with gays...therefore I will either not buy a house there or (sticking to my guns) move out of my current home.

2) I prefer not to live on the same street with gays...therefore I will go to my local zoning board, city council, etc., and get an ordinance passed so they CANNOT live on the street I choose.Over simplified? Yes. Not covering all the different combinations of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, nationality, political bent, etc.? Yes.

But for me it's just a "fill in the blanks" type situation.Which of those two options would you choose? And upon choosing, which one item, or combination of items would be your trigger?Me, I choose option 3.

3) I may have nothing in common with you, other than being a human being, and therefore I shall not judge based on these factors lest I be judged. If you choose to live on this street, I will do you no harm.

Good note, but my question for anon and anons everywhere is why wouldn't you want to be associated with tolerance and maturity? I can see posting anon if you're being an evil dickweed or if you're still scarred from a bloffle (ahem) but why if you're basically sounding like a decent human being?

Actually I don't think this particular topic is still hot or controversial, thank goodness. I thought most of the romance community and much of society firmly voted on the side of tolerance. In other words, these days it's when you post about hating the gay that you're risking serious intolerance from others. (Part of why I sort of, kind of admired Jan Butler is that she wasn't scared of being narrow-minded in public using her own name.)

Mind you, I'm mostly curious, anon76, not trying to be a beyotch. I'd rather hear from an anon than no one. I especially appreciate anons who make sense and aren't trying to be mean. My other question: How'd you find such an ancient controversy?

And why can't you people find the rave reviews of my fantastic writing and post all about that?


  1. I never post anon because I am a shitface coward. Not really, but if I don't feel strongly enough to put my name on it, I don't write it. My husband gets an ear full instead.

  2. I don't think I've ever posted anon. Must be because I'm such a decent human being.

  3. You are decent Doug, whereas I am not. Half my neighbors are gay and this anon has no clue what wonderful friendships he/she is missing. I don't understand why being gay makes a bad neighbor. Maybe I'm stoopid. I guess they post as anon because they know how angry posts like this make people like me.

  4. see maybe it's because the post is out of context, CD, but I think the letter writer intends to say that gayness makes no difference to how she'll treat her neighbors. That's it.

    And the fact is that there are people who can't see past the gay part. If they're out there, then this is a way better way for them to live than trying to DO something about the gay.

    Anon (might be) and others (definitely) are the people who start with basic tolerance and who'll eventually learn more than tolerance. They're the ones who eventually realize good neighbors are more than good no matter what their orientation. Gotta start somewhere.

    Probably the best way to learn about how wonderful good neighbors are? Get a really stinky one.

  5. Anonymity on any level is very unappealing to me. It's why I chose to attend a teeny little college with a student body of under 500. It's why I choose to live in a village with population of under 1500. I like to know people, and I like people to know me. It makes me feel safe and part of something bigger than myself, somehow.

    I never post anything anonymously. If the topic at hand is so potentially damaging to myself or someone else that I'm afraid to sign my name, then I should probably keep my big mouth shut.

    Of course, I've made miscalculations about that, too. Live and learn. But never anonymously.

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Do you post anon? Why?

    because I can


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