I must be missing a sensibility gene

Here I am happily following all the Bluffufle and weighing in and whatnot and I get not one, but TWO angry emails saying how dare I post that stuff about Marianne and Liz. I attacked them and they don't deserve this sort of negative pedophilia image for their happy costumes.

And there are notes at SBTB about the horrible tone of the conversation. (I've already bellowed across the swamps with Gail K. whose commment "although Deborah Smith and Kate Rothwell’s pedophile-bait innuendos were*completely* out of line, IMO" is friendly compared to one of my notes.)

Well, um, now a couple of days later, I can see where the squick comments at SBTB were probably not my best but I still don't get how what I wrote was an attack.

If anything, I've probably gotten Liz and Marianne lotsa new readers. Heck, after I went and read the section over at shomi, I'm one of the new readers.


  1. azteclady10:10 PM

    Kate, I've been following this at several places, and I for one didn't ever think you were accusing them of anything. My take is that since you picked apart your feelings on the matter publicly, beginning to end, some of the onlookers didn't follow the entire process--like when you said, "now that I know what bothered me, it doesn't bother me anymore" (wild paraphrasing here--there are over 400 comments there, no way I'm hunting down the exact comment, woman!)

    Their mistake and their problem, not yours. IMHO, of course, YMMV

  2. I saw the video of them at a previous convention and thought it was cute and clever. Didn't seem the same at RWA however attractive they are.

    I didn't read your comments as an attack either.

    As for the Shomi books. I read WIRED by Ms. Maverick and really liked it. I hope they are all as well done. I plan to try another, that's for sure.

  3. I didn't read your comments as attack either. You stated very clearly that you felt a little uncomfortable, but you didn't call them names like self-promoting cheesecake and worse. :)

  4. canadacole1:31 AM

    I read all over the place but rarely comment. My eyes are now bleeding from catching up on the (almost 600?) posts over at SBTB and I actually had to resist the urge to say "but you don't understand what Kate did!". You said you were bothered, you analyzed why, and that made you able to move beyond it. I, for one, appreciated the process and wish more people would do the same.

    So thanks.


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