We already have a winner in the Linda Winfree contest!

You all are going to have to wait for Linda to announce it. Or I will, when I get back from my local meeting where I'll be leading a workshop Writer Party Games, Dammit, Hey, Shut Up and Do These Fun Exercises also known as a kind of Christmas party. I'm giving out writerly prizes, too, like Donald Maass'ss The Career Novelist.

I'll hand out BISW (book in seven weeks) packets which were supposed to be gorgeous but are envelopes stuffed with paper. Follow through is a bitch for some people.

The meeting's in South Glastonbury if any of you want to show up for an envelope and haranguing. Somehow I imagine--a couple of weeks before Christmas, the streets near the library clogged with unplowed snow (it's on-street parking)--we won't have a lot of attendees. Heck, if I weren't the one doing this, I wouldn't go. I rarely do these days. . .


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