she's still not done being bitter?

Apparently not. Sorry

Dear Kate

I’m afraid I must decline on this project right now, but I do want to encourage you to continue submitting. Just because a project isn’t quite right for me doesn’t mean [acceptance for your work] isn’t just around the corner.

I wish you the best of luck with all your writing endeavors and in the querying and submission process. Persistence pays off, so don’t give up!

Best regards
Publishing Professional

Dear publishing pro,

You might want to consider getting two versions of form rejection letters. Next time you say no, please send the one that just says "No thanks, not for me." For some reason the one above gives me the pip.

I think it's because it's obvious you didn't read my query letter or maybe you didn't pay attention to my credentials. In total, I've had about 25 fictional short stories, novellas and novels published. Let's just figure anywhere from 2-8 rejection per project.

When we add on the rejections on bids for non-fiction projects (newsletters and whatnot), free-lance proposals rejected by magazines and newspapers that means....

Hey, you know what? Never mind. We're talking hundreds of rejections and I stopped counting years ago.


If I hadn't already figured out that bit of advice you stuck on the rejection to make me feel better, I'd have given up a while back.
maybe I'd be writing snarky letters to people who don't care and won't read them.
I'd be a snarling old
curmudgeon of a....


Never mind.


  1. Hey, I know that letter! How'd you get ahold of a copy of MY rejection letter, written especially for ME by a publishing professional?

  2. I suppose you'd slap me if I suggested it was time to come out of the bitter barn and play in the hay, huh?

    Yeah, I'd slap me, too.

  3. are you kidding? making fun of myself is endlessly entertaining. Seriously. I read that note, got all bent out of shape because she didn't read my creds

    and then I got the wait a sec thing of isn't having these creds mean that I shouldn't give a damn that she didn't pay attention to them?

    It's a spiral I tell you.

    So in the end, I'm amused which is actually the best possible result of any rejection. Is that playing in the hay?

    And YO Selah, what's all the hay doing out of the barn anyway? Damnit, you gotta keep the stuff stored right or it sprouts grass and shit.

  4. but if it's an offer to slap you, sure, get in line.

    The dog's first because she got into our advent calendar and ate December 15, 18, 22 before a boy found her.

    But heck yeah...I can always use someone to snarl at. (I try to skip the kids because I don't want to have to pay for my victims' therapy.)

    Bring it on, beyotch.

  5. Yes, you are officially covered in tiny bits of hay. Hope you're not allergic. It's in your hair and up your nose and hiding in other uncomfy places.

    The hay is out of barn because I PUT IT THERE. You got a PROBLEM with that??

    Advent calendar? ADVENT CALENDAR???

    *checks date*


    *goes looking for box of holiday decorations, grumbling all the way*

  6. Dang, Bonnie and Kate - I thought that was MY personally engraved rejection letter.

    OK - if it makes you feel any better Kate - I had three requests for partials and two fulls this year. You know what - NO ONE REPLIED!! I have been sending follow-up notes, and still nada. Silence.
    So it's even worse to be ignored.

    (and it's bloody expensive printing up a 300 pg manuscript and shipping it off to NY from France.)

  7. we should have a contest for who's had something out the longest. Of course I suggest this contest because I think I'd win.
    requested partial four years!
    requested full 1.5 years.

    But the postage portion of the contest goes to you, Sam. You should email it to one of those places that will print and then deliver it, too.

    Actually thank goodness, more and more of even the big name places are letting you overseas types email, or so I hear.

  8. Are you guys shittin' me? I thought once someone asked for a full you could count on getting feedback fairly quickly! I have two out there, one to an agent, one to a pub, and had expected to have both wrapped up one way or the other before year's end. Now you're saying I need to hunker down in my foxhole for a longer wait? Great! Happy f'ing Christmas to me.


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