I'm gone

I'd said goodbye to my old agent a few months ago. Every now and then, I'd cruise by her spot and see my face there.

But now I'm gone from her site and I feel sad, even though I was the one who said this isn't working (well, okay, she hinted there was a problem earlier when I bombarded the poor woman with stuff). So here on the blog I can stop saying "publishing professional" and start saying "agent"----- that is if I keep talking about rejections. I'm bored with the subject to be honest.

I might be more enthusiastic now that I've discovered query tracker. What a great place, I think. I hope. Anything that helps keep track of Stuff is wonderful which is why PBW is my hero.

IF anyone asks, I'll tell you that my old agent is wonderful, personable, professional and smart and, no, I'm not lying.

It's just that some one else will be flinging the spaghetti**

** that's from the old line about publishing. The process in which the publishers fling authors (or maybe their books, since that's less gruesome?) and whichever ones stick to the wall, they keep and buy more work from 'em. The rest to the floor where they get swept up and tossed . Not my line--though I added the bit about sweeping up and throwing away. I think the process isn't that tidy.


  1. I wish someone would fling me

  2. yeah, but when you don't stick? people going about their business step all over you and make you kinda limper.

    I recommend a trebuchet.

    Sorry to hear you're ready to meet the wall.

  3. So are you looking for a new agent? I 'm about to, did before, no dice yet.


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