PSA and Perfection

two photos.

a shocking story that should teach parents to pay attention to their kids' online activity (stolen from I'm not sure where or I'd give credit where due. Not here, that's all I know.) Click on it to read.

and then--
A Christmas present for you guys. Although I should point out we're talking sour grapes for me.
What can I say except damn you, Pam LaBud. Damn. You.

She sent this around to various pals, crowing about her good luck on her Dutch translation's cover. It IS The Perfect Cover with only one flaw: the wind seems to be blowing in the same direction. The Absolute Perfect One has the wind gusting in two directions for maximum hair ripple and gown flowage. And yet it could be argued this is even better for, lo, it does allow for his hair action, which is primo.

eve: the hair!!!! I have no words for the hair.
flo: It's Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

You have to feel sorry for the dude who's having a rotten day. Bad enough to lose his shirt during a storm, the doo he spent hours arranging and gelling is trashed, and he has to try to control some woman because she's lunging at him and grabbing at his goods. Clearly he's about tumble onto his ass. Teach him to wear those boots on the wet rocks.


  1. Once I noticed the hair, I couldn't tear my eyes away.

    And the bear thing - shocking. Really.


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