lament of a technophobe, part XXVII

My webpages are stagnant. I can't remember how to play with them and nothing's changed for months. If I mess around, it's here, on myspace or in my facebook account that I got to annoy my boys.

But I paid to have nice designs made! I like my damn pages. So I suppose they're the online equivalent of a print book. Just floating around the web, talking about events that happened years ago no reference to the present or future. Dinosaurs. Occasionally someone signs up for a Kate Rothwell newsletter and then sends back a "take me off the list" note when I send out a Summer Devon bit of news.

I really should update the prices of the socks. I wish I'd managed to load pictures of the latest couple of covers. No, I'm not actually just sitting here in the dark, don't mind me, I'll be fine.
I've had gracious offers from blog readers to actually help me.

The trouble is they won't take pay, the bassets, and there are only so many socks they're willing to take in exchange for work. And then the people who DO take pay want to take too much. I'm pickier than baby bear. I want it juuuuuust right.

I really am just complaining for fun and not profit. If some reader of the blog said, why Kate, I'd be glad to do it for $20 an hour, I'd be happy. But if you all just yawned and glazed over, and clicked over to porn, that works too.** Venting. It's a hobby.

In other dull news, I plan to make key lime pie today. Want a piece? It's the easy recipe (yay condensed milk) but still tastes pretty good.

**If you're looking for some porn (or pron, as I always type it) try After. The post-apocalyptic story in two parts is almost finished and it's intense. It's kind of like Atwood without the religion. It's got a story and a lot of boffing of all sorts: fun smut, semi-forced fantasy seduction and horrible rape, that really is rape and not titillating. Also? It has interesting characters. I think Varian's a good writer.


  1. Snort! (and kisses.) You are the best, ever.

  2. You've turned me on to this story. I read for a couple of hours yesterday and am going back for more today. Wondering if the author wasn't inspired by the latter half of 28 Days Later with the horny soldiers.

    anyway, I'm hooked and distracted from editing which I should be doing. Thank you for that!


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