Go on, YOU try it.

Man, this game gets hard. Mike, a boy and I got up to level fifty but a lot of it was guessing. Pretty amazing. Mike does crossword puzzles (I'm talking the NY Times Sunday in pen and starting in one corner working his way across without stopping) and the boy plays Magic cards which does wonders for your vocab (especially when it comes to words relating to murder, weapons and destruction)


  1. Kate - I am sitting here laughing as I play the game because of the grand irony that it's NOT my M.Ed that's helping me get words right...oh no! It's the many, many years of reading historical romances! What a crack up (no one tell my mother, ok?)!

    Thanks for the link, I'm now addicted!


  2. okay they need to take it higher than 50 which is the limit...No wonder Mr. Big Vocab couldn't go higher.

  3. {shamefaced) I couldn't get above a 45, darn it! Roots, people, study your roots! :-)

  4. I got up to 49, but it took me 2800 grains of rice to get there.

    Thanks for a nice home schooling assignment!

  5. I don't think they go above fifty. I donated 2080 grains of rice and got dizzy.
    The French helped - and the Latin I never got to take but helped my kids with.


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