fuck fuck fuckettty fuck

I see people have been using that phrase in the UK for years, but I first encountered it in Who Stole My Blackberry. It's especially good when heard as a book on tape and Mahtin Short** Lukes burbles the words and nonwords over and over.

I wanted a useful curse a couple of hours ago because I blew out my back by having a coughing fit and because that's got to be even dumber than the time I killed myself by bending over to pick up a lettuce leaf. fucketty fuck.

Hmmm, best method is a big build up with final burst of emphatic obscenity at the end: fuck FUCK FUCK FUCKETTY FUCK! if you're going to have a potty mouth, don't be namby pamby about it.

**NO, Martin Short is so not Martin Lukes. I blame the drugs.


  1. I told this joke to my daughter the other day (she's thirteen- she deserves some good jokes!)
    Anyhow - it doesn't translate into French so she can't get suspended, lol.


    The rooster crows: "What to do? Whattodo?"

    And the chickens answer "fuckfuckfuckfuck..."

  2. I have never heard the phrase, either. I can see why it needs emphasis at the end. Read silently, it does seem an oddly chicken-like thing to say.

    Sorry about your back!

  3. I rather like that phrase. (read Sam's joke and am still cracking up)

    SORRY about your BACk - ACK, woman. That's all you need.

    If it's any comfort, I've never known anyone who went blind from a bad back. *ducking*

  4. Eek. Sorry about your back. And I think the fuckity fuck thing started (or became better known) with Hugh Grant's character in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Just watch the first ten minutes :)


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