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I entered the RITAs, but I'm not sure why I bothered. I'm also not sure why, once I shelled out the dough, I didn't bother to pay better attention to things like rules and whatnot.

I thought they needed the books by mid-January. Last week I got the email saying yo, dudette, we need the stuff by 1/1. Whoops, time to use priority mail.

Fast forward two days. . . And hey, wait a sec. What's that copy on the shelf? Wait. ..hey.... that's supposed to be in the package to Texas. So then another run to the post office for express mail.

We're talking expensive, and silly expensive at that. Add on the apologetic coffees I'm buying for the RWA peeps (if one messes up and makes innocent administrative types lives harder, and they're polite [eg don't get the satisfaction of calling you names], one must buy them coffee. That is a rule of life my mother taught me.) and I could have bought something more likely to bring me joy and pleasure, like a buncha powerball tickets. Just as likely to win.

I did write "just as much chance" but that's not true. Chance has nothing to do with it. The very cover of the entry (it's the bright pink Ellora's Cave book) is enough to make most RWA members go bwewargh.


  1. I think you'd get much more out of burning the books and the money (like a nice fire over which to warm your hands) but I wish you good luck. May your entry be read by fair-minded judges who have no foreign objects stuck up any particular body cavity. :)

  2. I dreamed last night that not one but two publishers wanted my romance, and they were fighting over it. But I also dreamed that I was back at Berkeley, it was Finals Week, I had five classes, hadn't studied for any of the finals, hadn't even been going to any of the classes, and didn't know where the finals were being held. So much for dreams.

  3. I know somebody else who said much the same thing a year ago (minus the whole express mail factor) because the YA category was cancelled.

    That pretty gold statue looks LOVELY on her shelf. Stranger things have happened.

  4. I thought hard about entering Wild Wild West in the Ritas...and decided to save the money and enter the Reader's Choice Awards and/or PI. It just doesn't make sense to enter without an erotic category. Too many will be put off by the subject matter and language, and when you add up the entry fee, cost of books, and postage, well, it's not insignificant.


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