critiquing one of today's rejections

Dear Today's Publishing Pro,

Thank you.

You wrote back in less than a month. Your simple "I just didn't love it enough" really is okay. Sure, I'd love feedback, but you don't owe me more than that one line. In fact, that one line reminds me that it's subjective, which can be interpreted as an encouraging sort of a no. Not the best kind of no which goes on and on about Kate, great writing style, please, let me see more. I'm only grateful you took the time to write because a lot of people don't even bother with that.

I frequently follow up rejections with "Should I send something else? Or have you seen enough of my work to know that my voice won't work for you?"

You said go ahead, send more. Hmmm. People usually do. But I hope you guys don't ask for more of my stuff just to make me feel better. Thanks, but no thanks is absolutely a acceptable answer to that question. I am going to take the time to print out more stuff, pay the postage, etc. I hope you really were intrigued and you're not just being kind.

Seriously, I'm convinced that no, I don't think you've got a style that works for me is better than me wasting my time and your desk (or floor) space with reams of paper you'll step over and avoid reading for months and maybe even years.

Um. If by some wild chance you happen across this blog....You do get that in those last couple of paragraphs I don't mean you in particular? Nope, nossiree. It's just that mood threatening to pop up again and I'm pushing it back down. Someone or something will turn the crank too far and wham! I'll let loose all over the blog.

But your letter isn't gonna be what it takes to make the clown jump up and scare the shit out the one-year-olds.**

I [heart] good publishing pros and you're one of them.


**I traumatized my first kid with a jack-in-the box. Sorry, kid.


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