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Lyn Cash, Alexis Fleming, other writers and I have fun sometimes with coming up with stories based on a theme. It's always a good time for me when I play with other people's ideas (that's how I got Invisible Touch). Lyn threw out one about a guy who was a hot ticket--at a sperm bank. Remember the story that hit the news about a particular donor? That got her thinking and then nagging.

I signed on to play but I started thinking about one of the reasons couples use those donors: Infertility.

We experienced five years of infertility and, now, a gazillion years and three babies later, one of my most vivid memories is how one's sex life turns into a baby-making life. When people say "have fun with it!" it's worse than when people ask if you're done with your holiday shopping on December 23 and you're not.... but that's a different story.


I ended up writing a story about an infertile woman rediscovering her sexuality. Someone suggested maybe she end up pregnant and I knew that would be so very, very wrong. The heroine can't have babies and she's still a hot woman.

Too bad she had to go through a divorce and all and didn't get to rediscover sexXx with her husband, but meh, we're talking hawt infertile love fluffy smut, not women's fiction. I felt strongly enough about it as An Issue, though, I put in a link for resolve in the dedication.

I wondered how many infertile women/couples would look at a book called "Who's your Daddy" but the audience for the story isn't just them. It's smut! Yay for Summer, Lyn and Alexis smut.

The only connection my story has to Lyn's theme is that the hero's writing an article about donor 69 and the heroine and her ex-husband once tried using that donor. And the hero.

The anthology's coming out pretty soon and already has a cover.

Here's what's fun--this is one of Alexis's publishers and Total Ebound is based in England. So all my favors became favours. Somehow a story looks much more glamorous with that extra U shoved in here and there. I really like TEB so far. They let us list our publications with other publishers [!!], Claire the publisher strikes me as hard-working, professional and enthusiastic. The site is easy to navigate. I like a lot of the covers I see over there.

And there are those U's. I can't remember if the heroine's undies turned into knickers. That would be interesting for her.


  1. Merry Christmas, Kate!

    This looks like fun. Oh for the day when people invite me to take part in these anthologies :)

  2. yah, the thing about it is, you have to keep doing it. I mean you've finished your book (AYAYAYAYA and look how few people manage that as Mike points out when I get all petulant) but now you have to do it again. And again. And AGAIN. even as people are saying eeewwww nooooooo to one book, you're churning? turning? tchurning out more.

    I'd rather do dog grooming these days.

  3. actually the tchurning process is the one part I like so I don't know why I'm whining. Habit, I suppose.


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