The Eppie contest must be a fairly big deal. I've gotten about 20 emails** congratulating me for finalling. Most of the emails are coming from strangers which means they're looking me up. Wow.

* * *
Look, I'm having a Linda Winfree contest
And I have to figure it what happens in it?
I'm feeling remarkably lazy about
people have until Sunday to
GUESS LINDA'S FAVORITE COLOR. (This is lifted straight from chats.) First person to guess right, wins the prize.

step one: Linda, think of a color

step two: Everyone else, post a color in this comment section or maybe at Linda's spot.

If no one guesses, then I get the book. Linda, you decide which book. I hope it's Tick's story because I haven't read that one yet. I'll hold off buying it until Sunday.

* * *
We had 11 inches of snow yesterday and I shoved kids outside to play in the winter wonderland.

At one point, my neighbor called just to say how sweet it was to watch her kids and mine run around her back yard and play, exactly like kids are supposed to on their snow days. "I think they must be making snow angels now" she said. "They're just lying around."

Later on I noticed everything boy3 had worn, right down to his socks and underwear, was soaking wet.

"Oh yeah, that must have been when I was Japan." he said. "We were reenacting wars and when we did World War II, I was Japan. I think my socks got wet when we did Hiroshima."

** I originally wrote 40 which is my actual guess. I went back and counted, and now I know I exaggerate by a factor of two. Good to know this sort of thing about oneself.


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    Congratulations for the EPPIE nomination!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I guess Green


  3. Anonymous11:39 PM


    Lianna B.

  4. I'm going to guess blue.

  5. congrats. good news.

  6. Kate, regarding your earlier comment, "I should be an editor, I'm that smart."

    Seems to me that would solve my problem ;)

  7. AGENT, I said. AGENT.

    I was an editor for two years at Frederick Magazine. The job and I were not well suited.

  8. oh and then I was an editor for three years at Kids View magazine. That job just about did me in. Just ask Leslie. We both still have flashbacks.

  9. Sorry to be late on the congrats. Was buried under a mountain of cookie dough and sick children. So...YAY! on the EPPIES.


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