Thursday Thirteen scolding nagging whining questions

1. What is it with you authors? I give you a perfectly easy way to publicize your books and you don't send me your lists. Who's organizing your lives? Hire a publicist! And if she's any good, send me her address.

2. Who's idea was it to have ice fall out of the sky? it makes no sense, people. Rain, sure. Snow if you must. But what's with the tippity tappity of ice? Unnatural.

3. Why is it as soon as I decide I have a great system in place (one hour of writing, ten minutes activity) I undermine my system and blog hop?

4. Hey, kid, how many times do you have to play Hier Kommt Alex? Don't you think that's enough? And what kind of name is Die Toten Hosen (the Dead Trousers)?

5. Who left the chocolate cake where I could find it?

6. Who left the remote on the couch so that when the kid sat on it, the batteries ran down?

7. Even with "Heir Kommt Alex" blaring on Guitar Hero 3, why do I have a Christmas carol blaring in my head. Granted at least it isn't "Little Drummer Boy," but still is it fair?

8. How come there are only about 100 people on my "Yes! We Want To Know about Your Next Release, Summer/Kate" list? Should I do yahoo or google groups? even though everyone hates them?

9. Does this mean I should do more promo of another sort?

10. Awwwwww, Do I hafta? Reeeeeallllllly?

11. Have you signed this? Is it bad that I am doing political crap here again?

Why haven't they brought back Stewart and Colbert yet? Why don't they just pay the damn writers more? Have you watched the Onion if you jonesing for political snark?
Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

13. Why don't the people I fret about online (beth, tracy) post more often?


  1. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Does my clean house and my 4 written pages count for NOTHING around here?



  2. LOL - Love the list!!
    I'm at a loss for promo ideas too, and wondering which of my books I bought I can deduct from my taxes.


  3. Eeew, yeeechy picture of La Hillary.

    You know what the worst thing was about that "crappy Christmas present" quiz? Lack of a "none of the above" response. In MY household, the only carol we look forward to is the Invader Zim Santa Song. (Bow down/Bow down/Before the power of Santa/Or be crushed/Be crushed/By/His Jolly Boots of Doom.)


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