ah, good times.

I think I'm going to hold a contest soon only because I was cleaning out the bathroom cupboard just now and found an extra box of this shiny hair stuff. I'll give it away in the contest.

Updated. Oh! I know. Maybe I'll give it to Dean in lieu of one of the other prizes which I still owe him. I've seen photos of him and know this would be particularly appropriate. ..For his wife, sxkitten.


  1. See, you could give me the shiny hair stuff and it would be the gift that keeps on giving because it would take me approximately 100,000 years to use it all.

  2. sxKitten12:44 PM

    Oooh, shiny!

    I'm all about putting toxic gunk in my hair - 20+ years of chemical enhancements and proud of it!

  3. I bought 'bio' hair dye, thinking I was tired of putting toxic waste in my hair to cover the gray. Bio stuff worked like...Well, not very well. I maybe could have gotten the same effect using strong tea.
    Back to toxic waste products. Or I'll just let myself go all gray;
    How come hubby has silver hair and looks great? I'd just look Old.
    Can't any of those bimbo movie stars make gray look gorgeous on women? I mean, Dump that 500,000$ Loreal contract bitch!


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