Jeebus, no wonder I'm in trouble.

"We take our bearings, daily, from others. To be sane is, to a great extent, to be sociable." - John Updike

* * *

We're having a corn doggian moment here (corn doggian = strange, random and spooky event in what appears to be a normal world until you look a little closer. Often features animals, such as birds).

The crows have landed. Hundreds of them, flapping, strutting, cawing, feasting on squirrel road kill. No wonder they call it a murder of crows-those guys look dangerous. I think this band could take down a fair sized dog if they decided to work together. They're too smart in a chilly bird-brained way. I'd take a picture but then I'd have to have a camera, wouldn't I.

I might do SBD later. And in other news, I think facebook is more fun than myspace and dangerous, as Tanya pointed out.

I'm posting notes in my kids' friends' places and I'm sure that's as horrible and thoughtless as kissing a fifth grader right smack on the school yard. Poor kids down the street. I just hope they don't take it out on my kids. With any luck, my boys can play the sympathy card (see what I have to put up with?)


  1. That's weird about the crows, because I just noticed a big fat murder on our front lawn, too. Creeeeeepy, dude.

    I'm going to send you something for Thursday Thirteen someday soon. Really I am.

  2. "Kate Rothwell added the fluffyfriends application"
    "Kate Rothwell has joined the pluto group"
    "Kate Rothwell has written on your wall"

    Kate Rothwell is having way too much fun with facebook! (And I'm having way too much fun watching)


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