Two of my books are up for awards!! Getting to be a finalist is a very cool surprise--though the winning vote won't go for me (or rather us, since one is a BD/SD book, House of Mirrors). #1 reason: the competition has some good books in there. #2 both are the get-out-the-vote sort of awards and I'm not going to push for them, and is Bonnie.
We're both working on books, thank you, though nothing together at the moment.

Where are these contests you ask? House of Mirrors is at The Romance Review.
the other is at the Sammies and whoops! That one is closed. But I do have this nifty button from TRR. Pretty!

 Since we're talking promofomoschmomo here's an article I wrote over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. In which I define qualities of Chick Lit and Young Adult and then decide who did it first.  So yes, I'm a presence on the internet.


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