Metadata! Discoverability! Flux! Synergy!

I'm blogging somewhere else today. 

I wrote about Tagging Books and I hope you notice that I managed to use the buzz words "metadata" and "discoverability" Made me feel cutting edge.Of course that feeling won't last, thank God. I hate even watching the buffalo herd of Publishing thundering along the Plains of Industry toward the Cliffs of Insanity where the timid Writers try to nab a few as they all Tumble To the Sea of Obscurity and Dusty Remainders.

Speaking of extinction and brainless beasts. . . Naw. Never mind.

Trying to be a good, on-top-of-my-trade writer, I went to RWA last summer and then this meeting last weekend and even in that short time--eight months, maybe? The world has shifted even more toward the ebook.

As one person on some panel said, "We could see changes were coming. We was only off by how fast they've been." He said he'd expected the world to be different in a matter of five years. "Try five months."

One interesting thing I haven't seen regurgitated elsewhere:  the people who buy 99 cent ebooks are the ones who used to go through used book stores.
The first one was free on Amazon--
addiction set in almost at once.

I guess that means the people who grab free books with no intention to read them are the ones who do curb shopping and grab anything that doesn't look a dog peed on it. That would have been us before our town cut down on bulk trash day.

That's not quite true. Free books are why I NOW have to shell out the big bucks for Naomi Novik, Patricia Briggs and a few others who lured me in with freebies. So maybe free books are often more like putting crack samples curbside instead of fugly old couches.


  1. Your vocabulary astounds me. I had to look up some words.

    You astound me, too, Kate.

  2. You think I know what Flux and Synergy mean? Ha. Although yeah, I know about flux from Regency romances. It's a bad, bad stomach disorder. I assume the runs.


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